Metamorphosis of a Stilt Bug

Subject: Mystery activity?
Location: Fannie, Ark.
August 26, 2014 8:03 pm
Who are these actors and what activity are they engaged in? Is one a male and one a female? Is one giving birth to the other? What is that gray worm-like thing coming out of the face of the larger? Why are the antennae of the winged smaller curving back to the thorax of the larger? Etc. Is this a unique photo? Can’t find anything like it on line!
Signature: Bill Burton

Metamorphosis of a Stilt Bug

Dear Bill,
The activity depicted in your image is metamorphosis.  The green nymph is emerging from the exoskeleton of an earlier instar so that the insect can grow.  Because of the proboscis, this insect looks like it might be a Hemipteran, possibly an Assassin Bug, but we are not certain.  We have requested assistance from Eric Eaton in the identification and classification.  It is a lovely image.

Eric Eaton Provides Identification
Wow, what an amazing image!  That is a stilt bug, family Berytidae.

Many thanks! I can now put it up on Capture Arkansas.

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