Metamorphosis of the Achemon Sphinx

Achemon Sphinx Moth
Location: Cheney Kansas
September 21, 2011 9:03 pm
I decided to raise these five caterpillars that were feeding on my grapevines…So I purchased a cheap aquarium and collected the Cats from the vine.
I then fed them new grapevine leaves each day for about a week…They one by one burrowed underground..about 6 to 8 days later they finaly pupated.
This is the results of my 2 week experiment with these catepillars.
Signature: Chris Harris

Achemon Sphinx Caterpillar

Hi Chris,
We are positively thrilled to post your photos documenting the metamorphosis of the Achemon Sphinx.  Your project should inspire our readers to attempt a similar endeavor in order to learn more about the creatures around us.

Pupae of the Achemon Sphinx

Your photos are quite nice, and we especially like the image of the caterpillar of the Achemon Sphinx.

Achemon Sphinx



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    • We do not recommend keeping an Achemon Sphinx indoors. Insects need to be exposed to the surrounding climate conditions so that their cycles will be aligned with “wild” relatives. Insects raised indoors may mature when there is no opportunity to seek mates or to reproduce.


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