Partial life stages of a crescent butterfly species

Crescent Caterpillars

Partial life stages of a crescent butterfly species
Location: Cheney Kansas
July 12, 2011 7:05 pm
I’ve been documenting this species of butterfly from my garden..I think it’s from the crescent family just not sure of the exact species of crescent.
I collected the caterpillar and it formed it’s chrysalis in a jar and about a week later it transformed into a butterfly.
Signature: Chris Harris

Crescent Chrysalis

Hi Chris,
Your documentation of the metamorphosis of a Crescent Butterfly is an excellent addition to our website.  This is most likely a Pearl Crescent,
Phyciodes tharos, though some other members of the genus look very similar. You can find the Pearl Crescent and others on BugGuide.  We are setting your posting to go live over the weekend while we are out of the office.

Pearl Crescent

Location: Kansas

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  1. Edith Smith says:

    The caterpillars in the photo are not like Pearl Crescent caterpillars that I’ve raised but I sure couldn’t tell this adult from a Pearl Crescent butterfly. Beautiful!

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