Big red bugs crawl out of tiny blue/black bugs!
Location: Douglas, southeast Arizona
September 23, 2011 2:12 pm
Howdy, I’ve gotten lots of rolling eyes, and shouts of ”that’s impossible!” when I try to tell people about these bugs. Long story short: maybe 2 years ago, I was taking photos of this group of tiny, shiny-bodied blue/black bugs that had been crawling on my fence. I noticed they were slowing down and eventually came to a stop, in different places. Next thing I knew, this red head and body starting coming out of the body of one of the tiny bug!! Could not believe what I was seeing! The size difference, and the fact that the tiny bugs were mobile just a few minutes earlier, creeped me out. So, of course, I got off a few shots…have absolutely no idea why I didn’t take more. I know a couple came out blurry.
I’ve seen these tiny bugs this year in my garden, but they disappeared before I could collect some to see if they would pull an ”Alien” for me and my camera this time:)
I didn’t know what size the pics should be…they were sent in jpeg; let me know if that needs changing. I hope this is a really rare, but known, sight so I can know I was truly seeing what I thought I was seeing. Thanks! Love your site!
Signature: Lori – Arizona

Bordered Plant Bug Nymphs

Hi Lori,
What you witnessed is amazing, but not at all unusual or rare.  You witnessed insect metamorphosis.  We believe the blue-black bugs are immature Bordered Plant Bugs in the genus
Largus, a conclusion we reached upon comparing your photo to this image on BugGuide.  Often when a true bug molts, the newly emerged insect is a reddish color, but that will soon darken as the exoskeleton hardens.

Molting Bordered Plant Bug

Location: Arizona

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