Metallic Sweat Bee

Green Bee or Wasp
Location: Northeast Florida
September 11, 2011 11:42 am
I saw this bee (or wasp) on our Mexican Petunias today in northeast FL. It has a bright green head and thorax, and a black and yellow striped abdomen. I looked for information here and on BugGuide and found the Metallic Green Bee (Agapostemon splendens) which looks like my bee. However the size is listed as approximately 10-11mm. The Mexican Petunia flower is 2” wide, about 50mm, and this bee looks larger than 10-11 mm on the flower, doesn’t it? Can you help?
Signature: Karen

Metallic Sweat Bee

Dear Karen,
We agree that this appears to be a Metallic Sweat Bee in the genus
Agapostemon, but we cannot identify the species for certain.  BugGuide does not list a size range on the genus page.  Your individual looks very much like this photo from BugGuide and it is listed as being between 1 and 2 centimeters.

Thank you for your help! The photo you referred me to does look like the bee I saw, and the size range of up to 2 cm seems more in line with the actual size of my bee. I enjoy your website very much–I’ve learned a lot since I found it, and I appreciate all you do. I’m a special education teacher and I’m hoping to use What’s That Bug with my students later on this school year–I think they’ll be fascinated.

Identification courtesy of John Ascher
April 22, 2012
definitely an A. splendens male.

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