Metallic Green Bee

Metallic Green Wasp
Hi Daniel and Lisa,
My boys and I rescued two wasp-like creatures from our pool today. The first dried off and took off before I could get any pictures. I did manage to get a couple of shots of the second one before it was able to fly away. I’ve looked through your wasp pages and didn’t really find an exact match. The cuckoo wasp seemed to match the closest, but not quite. There didn’t seem to be any metallic green on the abdomen of my specimens, mostly black with white stripes. I’ve looked through one of my field guide’s to insects and thought the virescent green metallic bee could possibly be a match. The bee (or wasp, or fly) in question wasn’t very big… only about 2cm in length. Any thoughts? Thanks again!
Barrie , Ontario

(06/12/2007) Halictid Bee Hi Daniel and Lisa,
I just got word from Eric Eaton from Bug Guide that my creature is ” Probably a species in the genus Agapostemon, but a halictid in any event.”. I’ve since looked up the Halictid Bee on the web and found many images that match my insect.

Hi Yvonne,
Sorry we didn’t get back to you fast enough before Eric Eaton came to the rescue and identified you Metallic Green Bee.

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  1. I live in bucks county Pa I have just saw these bees in my flower pot prompting me to look them up I took a double take to make sure that they where bees they look just like the pictures .
    do they sting ? I saw quit a bit of them


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