Metallic Green Bee

Odd Wasp
Location:  Maine USA
September 5, 2010 2:06 pm
Caught a picture of this odd looking wasp in the spring. I’ve been unable to identify it so I thought I would send it your way.
Signature:  D Ramsey Ballard III

Metallic Green Bee

Dear D Ramsey Ballard III,
The reason you have been experiencing difficulty in identifying your insect is that it is a bee, not a wasp, more specifically a Metallic Sweat Bee in the family Halictidae (see BugGuide).  It appears to be a Metallic
Green Bee in the genus Agapostemon which has numerous members that look very similar and which is found “coast to coast throughout United States and southern Canada also occurs in Central and South America” according to BugGuide.  We believe it may be Agapostemon virescens based on the striping pattern of the abdomen, the range of the species, and an image posted to BugGuide.

3 thoughts on “Metallic Green Bee”

  1. this bee is getting in my kitchen window but dying off on the window seal. I would like to know do the sting and how to I keep them from coming in.

  2. I have these bees coming in the house early in the morning & late at night . They are attracted to our kitchen light. We can’t seem to find how they are getting in. We are swatting at them & at times there are 5-6 of them every day & night. Where are they coming from? how do I stop them? or get rid of them?


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