Greetings from FL, I have a few unidentified bugs im dying to identify… Can you please help me?
I live on the island of St. Pete Beach, Fl… In my spare time I photograph wildlife… And I am losing sleep (as well as $6.00 per hour at an internet cafe) over a few unidentified creatures… Whats that bug is awesome!!! It has helped me identify quite a few species already… except for a few… Hope you can get some use out of my photographs… This is my first time posting… KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!
ps… I have a collection of identified insects that I will send you soon…

hi Deacon,
We are guessing you are no longer online as your flurry of emails has abated. This is a Metallic Green Bee in the genus Agapostemon, in the Sweat Bee family Halictidae. We applaud your enthusiasm if this is your first visit to our site, be we really haven’t the time nor the wherewithall to attend to all of your identification requests in your numerous emails. We would advise you to limit your requests to one or two per day, or even per week. As you have done, continue to limit your requests to one specimen per email. Try to provide us with additional information on the images rather than using a “form” email for all of the requests. Thanks for your enthusiastic interest. If you return to our site after your photo has been removed from the homepage (where letters remain for from a few days to a few weeks depending upon several criteria) you will find it filed in the archive on our Bee 2 page.

Thanks for your time, Im glad you picked my photo out of the countless submissions you must get…
This is my first time with any internet forum, I will come back when my etiquete is honed… I spoke to a volunteer that works with you yesterday, I understand now the magnitude of letters you must recieve… And I just want to say, Thank you for taking time out of your day to stop and look at my pictures… I admire what you do, and to be able to keep up with it along with having to work, thats amazing… I consider myself lucky to have been picked amongst the hundreds of emails you must recieve…. Do keep up the good work, your site is amazing… Im off to Clam Bayou to take more pictures… I found Bug Guide yesterday as well, so I’ll try to not to burden your mailbox too much, I promise… Thanks for picking my photo!!!!

Hi again Deacon,
We are mortified that you thought we were calling your sense of etiquette into question. Your online etiquette is pitch perfect. It is just that the shear volume of your requests left us feeling overwhelmed. We are glad you discovered BugGuide, a forum where the burden of posting is placed upon the querant, and not the staff.

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