Metallic Green Bee

Agapostemon Texanus?
Hey there! Some internet research pointed to Agapostemon Texanus – does this sound right? I live in Portland, Oregon and have never seen these before. If it is, it looks like their range is nation wide. These guys appear to be somewhat common on your site.
Also, most sites I’ve seen have been primarily concerned with identification. I’m interested in a bit more, like where they nest, behavioral patterns, etc. Any good links you can recommend? Thanks!

This is a Metallic Green Bee in the genus Agapostemon, but we are not certain the species is texanus. BugGuide shows reports from the west coast of Canada, Washington state and California. Despite now having any submissions from Oregon, we would take an educated guess that Agapostemon texanus can also be found there. Hogue writes: “They nest in tubular burrows dug in the ground, often in clayh banks.”

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  1. I live in South Carolina and was sitting outside in my lawn chair today when I happened to look down and next to my lawn chair was small mound of dirt tubular/volcanic in shape and these neat looking “bees” were flying in and out of it. (At first I thought they were flies, then I looked closer and thought they were a type of yellow jacket because although their heads were a bright emerald green color, the bottom part of their body was yellow and black striped.) So I did some research, and found this page amongst others and found out they were these Emerald Bees. So apparently now they are in SC too. It is the first time I have ever seen them. We live on 17 acres, and this burrow is in the middle of a “field” in the shade of a big tree. We do have a very large pond/small lake that is fairly close to where the burrow is. So maybe that is why they are here?? Anyway, just thought I would let you know of another state that they have been found in. They look exactly like the picture you have posted.

  2. I also saw one of these in Oregon last weekend. I was in the Tom McCall Nature Preserve near Rowena. I saw two different ones. I tried to take a picture but it didn’t work very well since the bees were moving around so quickly. Extremely lovely, metallic green!

  3. I live in bucks county Pa I have just saw these bees in my flower pot prompting me to look them up I took a double take to make sure that they where bees they look just like the pictures .
    do they sting ? I saw quit a bit of them

  4. I live in New Hampshire and have a ton of these in my front yard flower bed,I got stung by one today and it felt just like a regular bee sting,they don’t bother you,I guess I must of just disturbed one,Beautiful to look at tho.

  5. I live near Chattanooga, TN and have had ground nests of these in 2 different houses. I am still not sure if I should be worried about them or not. I got rid of one nest thinking they were yellow jackets. After doing more research, I am not sure whether to just leave them be or get rid of this 2nd nest?

  6. Brian Law, I have them all over my cosmos and rosemary in Portland, Oregon right now (Sept 2021). They seem very docile – I can and have walked right into the middle of the flower bed and everybody (the Oregon bumblebees, the honeybees, and the green bees) just go about their business. I’d say if you don’t have them in some high traffic area with bare-footed kids running around, just leave them bee (see what I did there?). They seem to be peaceful little bees that are very industrious and great pollinators.


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