Metallic Borer Beetle: Buprestis rufipes

Hello Bug Man,
I live in Needville ,Texas suburb outside of Houston . I live on 2 acres and last year I lost a very large Water Oak with large holes in the trunk. I lost another Water Oak 20ft from the other one I lost year. I started spraying melathion poison on the trunks and notice these 2 types of bugs, are they wood borers? What can I use to kill these bugs? I notice a lot of my tree’s have small holes in the trunk. Thanks,

Hi Bill,
The image you labeled beetle 1 is a Brochymena Stink Bug and is not your problem. Beetle 2 looks like Buprestis rufipes, and it is a Metallic Wood Borer, but BugGuide lists its host trees as maple and birch, not oak. We will try to get Eric Eaton’s opinion on this.

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