Messy Leaf Curling Spider

Subject: Yellow striped spider
Location: North Tamborine, Queensland Australia
January 11, 2014 8:44 pm
Hi bug an, can you tell me what spider this is. A simple search of “yellow striped spider” yielded nothing.
Signature: Thanks Ben

Messy Leaf Curling Spider
Messy Leaf Curling Spider

Hi Ben,
We figured this might be an Orbweaver in the family Araneidae, so we browsed through the family on the Brisbane Insect and Spider site and quickly located the Messy Leaf Curling Spider,
Deliochus zelivira, which though the stripes on the individual pictured are white, otherwise resembles your spider.  The description fits as well stating:  “This spider builds large messy retreat by curling a few green and dry leaves bound together by silks. Male and female can be found in the same retreat during breeding season. Males of this species are more often seen because they wandering around looking for females. Matured females are in the messy large retreat and hardly be seen.”  Armed with a scientific name, we then located the Spiders of Australia website that pictures a yellow striped individual, but the family is indicated as Tetragnathidae, the Long-Jawed Orbweavers. utilizes the same image and explains the taxonomy confusion by indicating:  “Deliochus zelivira, probably the most common of the Deliochus spp., found throughout Australia, appears to have been moved to Tetragnathidae then back to Araneidae. The female can grow to 11 mm, the male 5 mm. They construct a retreat of eucalypt leaves. ”  Dave’s Garden also has a photo.  All indications are that your individual is a male. 

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