Subject: Bug ID Please
Location: Alpena, Michigan 49707
August 16, 2015 4:50 pm
The attached photo is a bug that appears to be boring into my maple tree. Location is Alpena, Michigan. Can you identify this bug and let me know what damage it can do and how to get rid of it.
Thank you,
Dan Daoust
Signature: Black ink

Stump Stabber

Stump Stabber

Dear Black ink,
Any child raised on the Golden Book nature series will recognize the Giant Ichneumon,
Megarhyssa atrata, commonly called a Stump Stabber.  This female in the process of laying eggs is not causing any harm to your tree.  Conversely, she is laying her eggs where the larvae that hatch will come into contact with the wood boring larvae of the Pigeon Horntail.

Thanks for the quick reply and the info.  Is there anything that I need to do to prevent tree damage from the wood wasps. It appears as though they are hard workers.

It is our understanding that they do not attack healthy trees, so your maple was probably already compromised.  Promptly removing dead and diseased branches should help.

Location: Alpena, Michigan

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