Mediterranean Seed Bug in Washington

Subject: Boxelder Relative?
Location: Snohomish, WA
March 30, 2016 4:18 pm
We have numerous of these on our south facing exterior walls. The closest images I have found that look like these are the Boxelder, although ours do not have the reddish-orange coloring. I always attempt to let nature police itself the best I can. (Paper wasps in outdoor light fixture annually, which my wife hates.) We have many jumping spiders that patrol the same south facing walls, but I haven’t seen any of these little beetles fall prey to them yet. Hopefully, these are not an infestation that needs to be addressed. Thank you for your time!
Signature: CEROE

Mediterranean Seed Bug
Mediterranean Seed Bug

We believe this is a Mediterranean Seed Bug,
Xanthochilus saturnius, a species that according to BugGuide is:  “native to Europe and the Mediterranean, adventive in NA (WA-CA) and now locally abundant.”  According to the Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook:  ” There is very little known about these bugs, possibly because they are not major economic pests. They do cause anxiety among homeowners, and costly eradication expenses.”  The PNIM Handbook also states:  “Even though they do no damage to house, humans, or pets, these seed bugs become a huge annoyance and costly to exterminate when they migrate into households.”

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  1. I discovered a big herd of them all around our home located eastern Saudi Arabia. They are harmless creatures however, annoying as they hard to be tracked….they are just what you’ve captured


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