Measuring Worm Moth from Japan: Milionia basalis

Subject: Okinawan Moth
Location: Okinawa Japan
November 29, 2012 12:01 am
I found this moth on my sliding glass door in May 2008 in Okinawa Japan. The weather is tropical in this location and is already quite warm in May. I may have submitted a top shot of this a while back, but this is an underbelly shot. I would love to know what kind of moth this is. Thanks for any info you can provide.
Signature: Richelle

Geometrid Moth: Milionia basalis

Hi Richelle,
In a matter of moments, we identified your moth from the family Geometridae, often called Measuring Worm Moths, as
Milionia basalis on FlickR where the Japanese name is listed as Kiobi-eda-shaku キオビエダシャク.  We verified its identity on the National Taiwan University Insect Museum Digital Archives ProjectPlease send the dorsal or top shot so that we can add it to this posting.

Thank you so much! Awesome news! Here is the dorsal shot, I found it after I had already emailed you with the belly shot. The dorsal shot was taken in August of 2007 in Okinawa as well.
Thanks again!

Measuring Worm Moth

Thanks for sending the dorsal view.

I also realized when I did a search for the latin name of the moth that the black, white and bright orange inchworm image I sent to be indentified on the same day, is the caterpillar for that same moth…
Thanks so much for your assistance.

We cannot locate the Inchworm identification request.  Can you please resend it.

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