Unidentified Rosemary Bug
July 31, 2009
I found this bug all over my rosemary plant. It doesn’t appear to be harming the plant yet. Could you identify this bug? How would you suggest ridding the plant of this bug?
Best Regards, Brian Jennings
Fraser, Mi, USA


Hi Brian,
This is a Mealybug, and it is a common plant pest related to Scale Insects found in the garden, in the greenhouse, and on houseplants.  There are several genera and species of Mealybugs, and we believe you may have the Citrus Mealybug, Planococcus citri, a common species known to infest rosemary.  Now that you know what you have, you should be able to locate numerous online sources to help you control the Mealybugs.  We have been unable to log onto BugGuide since yesterday, but we found a University of Wisconsin Master Gardener page on Mealybugs with much helpful information.

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