Intriguing Bug… intriguing behavior
Location: Fraser Valley, BC, Canada
September 27, 2011 9:13 pm
Hello Mr. Bugman,
I have had this very interesting little bug on my window since around mid June (it is now the end of September). I just checked before I took these pictures today and he/she is very much alive still. Do you know what it is so that I can look further into why it is behaving this way? I gently picked him/her up and placed her on a plant and within an hour he/she was right back on my window. Sometimes he/she is brownish and sometimes he/she is a brilliant light green color.
Thank you tons.
Signature: Thank you Tons. C.T.


Dear C.T.,
This is a Mayfly in the order Ephemeroptera.  You can see the U.C.  Berkeley website for more information on Mayflies.  We can tell you that the name Ephemeroptera is a reference to the very short life of the adult or imago that often lives for a single day.  Adult Mayflies do not feed.  We are certain that the Mayfly you photographed is not the same as the individual you noticed in June.  The light green individuals you have seen are the subimagos or subadults.  Mayflies are unusual in that they molt twice in the final winged stage of their life.  

That is awesome info!  Thank you so greatly.  I often get interesting bugs on my deck.  If I find them in the future, can I contact you again?
Thank you also for you quick response.  I was excited to see your email and surprised and how fast you got back to me.

We have many contributors who send us multiple identification requests, but we cannot guarantee that our small staff will be able to respond to every request.

Location: Canada

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