Subject: Weird bug looks like cross between mantis and dragonfly
Location: South Texas
August 10, 2014 9:17 pm
My neice and I were out swimming at a small lake in south Texas when this incredibly odd looking bug landed on my hand. I called my neice over and we looked at it for a while, neither of us being able to identify it. I brushed it off my hand, only to find it about an hour later hanging off the side of her drink, where I snapped this picture.
I’m incredibly interested in finding out what this crazy looking bug is! Thanks in advance!
Signature: Leah


Dear Leah,
This Mayfly is in the order Ephemeroptera, and it is not closely related to either Mantids or Dragonflies.  Mayflies are generally found close to water sources as the nymphs are aquatic.  Mayflies do not feed as adults, and larger Mayflies are prized bait for fly fishers who also tie flies to mimic Mayflies.

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