Mating Wheel Bugs

Exhibitionist Wheel Bugs
Your site taught me so much this evening! I found these bugs on my sunroom screen in central Indiana. I had never seen either a male or female before, so imagine my surprise to catch both in the act. Please excuse my camera’s blur. They have been in the same spot for at least four hours (the exhaustion!! J). Are wheel bug nymphs very tiny (2 or 3 mm)? I saw a pic of one on your site as well. I may have been enthralled with one a few months ago. I must have watched it clean (?) its little antennae for 20 minutes on my fiancé’s lease property in southern Indiana last spring. Thank you for the great information. By the way, I read about both of you. How in the world did two photography instructors working on an art project (too cool) find time to become bug experts??? Blessings,

Hi Carly,
We have posted several photos of Wheel Bugs the past few days, but we can’t resist also posting your documentation of the procreative act. To be honest, we don’t really consider ourselves experts just yet, but we have gotten very good at research.

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