Subject: Bug Love – Theona Checkerspots – New to you!
Location: San Antonio, TX
July 23, 2012 6:07 pm
Hi, Daniel, I shot these with my cell phone camera, so I had to doctor them up a bit to make them usable. I did not find any shots of this particular checkerspot on your site, so I thought I’d send these in for the Bug love area. I tried to self-identify using the Texas Butterflies Photo Gallery, and I came up with Chlosyne theona, the Theona Checkerspot. It’s a pretty awesome page, hope I got it right! Cheers, and thanks for all you do!
Signature: Melvis & Laugh

Mating Theona Checkerspots

Hi Melvis & Laugh,
We believe your identification of these mating Theona Checkerspots is correct.  BugGuide has no information on the species.
Jeffrey Glassberg’s book, Butterflies Through Binoculars The West lists the Theone Checkerspot as Thessalia theona and states they are “extremely variable, even within the same population.”

Mating Theona Checkerspots

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Location: Texas

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