Mating Stilt Bugs

Not sure about this bug
I thought it was some kind of walking stick, but someone said to me it was more of a true bug. I am perplexed now as I haven’t found anything like it in various books for insects in our area. I thought it might be a North American walking stick but I realize it is way too small for that. I caught those two lovebirds in my backyard in Beloeil, Qc, Canada. The berries will give you an idea of their size. If you can give me a pointer in some direction on this one? Thank you for your lovely site!

Hi Frederic,
These are mating Stilt Bugs, not the Thread Legged Bugs we originally thought when we wrote back to you. Stilt Bugs are True Bugs in the family Berytidae. Some species are predators and others feed on plants according to BugGuide. We are very happy to post your images since this is a new family for our site.

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