Mating Spotted Leopard Slugs

Limax copulation
I just wanted to share this image and these Youtube links of a pair of Limax maximus copulating on my toolshed. I took these images in mid-September 2008 in Brunswick, Maryland (Frederick County). v=k6Jh6zmoH1o v=cutUEYHozpM
love your site – i visit regularly and recommend you to my friends
Brunswick, Frederick County, Maryland

Mating Spotted Leopard Slugs
Mating Spotted Leopard Slugs

Hi Wayne,
Several years ago when we posted a response that mentioned that all snails and slugs are Hermaphrodites, so all pairings are same sex, we incurred the wrath of a particularly sensitive reader. The facts have not changed on this issue, and slugs are still hermaphrodites. This species is commonly called the Spotted Leopard Slug, the Tiger Slug, or the Great Grey Slug. More can be read on this Oregon State University website.

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