Mating Sphinx Moths from Panama

Subject:  What is the name of this moth?
Geographic location of the bug:  David, Panamá (Central América)
Date: 09/25/2017
Time: 09:20 PM EDT
Hi. can you please help me to identify this moth… well or at least I think is a moth
How you want your letter signed:  MR

Mating Sphinx Moths: Adhemarius gannascus

Dear MR,
They are a pair of mating Sphinx Moths or Hawkmoths in the family Sphingidae, and we believe we have correctly identified them as
Adhemarius gannascus thanks to the Sphingidae of the Americas site where it states they: ” have been taken at lights in every month of the year in Costa Rica” which probably means they fly year round in Panama as well.  The species is also pictured on iNaturalist.

Hi Daniel.
Impressive, that was fast. Thank you very much to help me to identify this beautiful moth and his mate

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