Mating Small Milkweed Bugs

Subject: Black and Orange bugs that seem to attach together at back end
Location: Henderson, NV
June 15, 2016 8:53 am
Hi! I’m a new homeowner and found these bugs recently. They are normally single, but they will occasionally come together at their backside and even move in unison when I approach them. Do you know what I’m dealing with here? Thanks!
Signature: New Homeowner

Mating Small Milkweed Bugs
Mating Small Milkweed Bugs

Dear New Homeowner,
These are mating Small Milkweed Bugs, and they pose no threat to your new home.

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  1. Do these pose a threat to plants? For example, do they eat roots, new leaves? Do they bite people? Are they poisonous to pets who might be silly enough to eat one? This is the first time I have seen SO MANY in our yard (fake grass, rocks,-typical Las Vegas yard)


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