Mating Six Spotted Tiger Beetles

Subject: Tiger Beetles!
Location: Barrington, New Hampshire
May 9, 2013 6:41 am
Hey again Bugman!
Just sending along those Six-Spotted Tiger Beetle shots I mentioned. I was lucky enough to have these two come running right up to my shoes when I stopped and waited so I got some really nice shots. Hope you enjoy!
Signature: Black Zarak

Six Spotted Tiger Beetles
Six Spotted Tiger Beetles

Dear Black Zarak,
Thanks for sending these photos of mating Six Spotted Tiger Beetles.  In the first photo, it appears the beetle on the left, which we assume is the female, might be in a position to release pheromones.  At any rate, it is a “come hither” pose.

Mating Six Spotted Tiger Beetles
Mating Six Spotted Tiger Beetles

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