Mating Royal Moths in Brazil

Moth in Brazil
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 13, 2011 11:05 am
Hi bugman.
Found a strange looking moth, haven´t figured out which species it might be. Can you help me out?
Signature: Mary Drumond

Mating Royal Moths

Dear Mary,
We believe we have correctly identified your mating Royal Moths as a pair of
Citheronia laocoon, but we would like to copy Bill Oehlke on our response to get his opinion.  He may also request permission to use your excellent photo on his website.  The smaller individual in your photo is the male, and we do not know if this size discrepancy is normal, or if this is just an abnormally small male.  The male has a wider yellow band on the upper wings than the female.  Here are some photos of mounted specimens of Citheronia laocoon on the Lepidoptera Barcode of Life website.

Bill Oehlke confirms identification
Thanks for thinking of me. Here is email I just sent to Mary.
Hi Mary,
Yes, it is Citheronia laocoon.
Males are typically smaller than females, but it would appear that you probably have encountered a smaller than average male pairing with a larger than average female.
Thanks for permission to post photo.
I am very interested in seeing and posting images of Saturniidae and Sphingidae with dates and locations. I should be able to help with identifications of any moths from those two families.
Bill Oehlke

Dear Mr. Marlos and Mr. Oehlke,
Can you tell me if this month is native to Brazil (rio de janeiro) as its the first time i see anything like it around here.
Thank you so much for you reply, and yes, you may use the picture.
Thank you once again

Hi Mary,
I realized that neither Bill Oehlke nor I confirmed that this is a native species for you.

Well, i googled it (ha ha)
Apparently its native to south america, but i didnt get specifics on my state, rio de janeiro, which is on the coast. Like i said previously, i had never seen anything like it befor. Our moths tend to be small, dull and to be quite honest, ugly.
Big beautiful moths like these are a real treat.
My friend thought they were from argentin and might be escaping volcanic ash from the chilean volcano this week.
Seems a bit far.
Thank you for all your time and attention.

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