Mating Robber Flies

a couple of photos and a moth ID
I wanted to let you know I love the site, and have used it for many identification forays since we moved out to the country here in south central Kansas. I also wanted send you to the url for three of my recent photos. (they are larger than I like to send through E-mail) One is of a mating pair of robber flies, it was interesting to watch as the male will vibrate his wings while wiggling the females head with his front legs. One is a photo of a green moth I found on the front deck this last night and I would appreciate any help with the ID you could give me. The last if of a green grasshopper. I do not know the species, but considering the number of them again this year, the chickens will be getting quite fat.
Thanks again,
William Tong

Hi William,
Thank you so much for the great letter and photos. We are also very happy that you have used the site in the past. Quite frankly, we are getting a little tired of responding to desperate housewives with pantry beetles. Your green moth is a Virginia Creeper Sphinx, Darapsa myron. If you go to this USGS site, you might find it is not yet reported in your county. Perhaps you could report the siting. We are thrilled to have your Mating Robber Fly image for our brand new Love Among the Bugs page. Your grasshopper is immature and we do not recognize it.

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