Mating Red Shouldered Bugs

Another bug in love
Hi, Bugman!
I am finding lots of these beetles in the redwood bark in my front garden. What are they? I’m assuming these are more candidates for the “bugs in love” page? They have wild looking red eyes, which I didn’t even notice until I took a picture to send to you. Many thanks,
Goleta, CA (near Santa Barbara, on the southern CA coast)

Hi Joan,
Your mating insects are Red Shouldered Bugs, Jadera haematoloma. They are probably feeding on seeds that have fallen from your trees into the redwood bark. One of their favorite food plants is the Golden Rain Tree and they are sometimes called Golden Rain Tree Bugs.

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  1. Today is 1-18-14 I was sitting outside in my back yard and knowticed a bunch of these Red Shouldered Bugs! They’ve never been around my house before, but now they are. I’m wondering how can I keep them away from my house lol! And I’m also wondering if they bite, I’m not a big fan of biting bugs . If anyone has any ideas on how to repel them please let me know. Thanks for your time.

  2. Hello,
    What an incredible site. I am in San Diego, and saw this unusual bug crawling in my driveway.
    And yes, it looked like to bugs stuck together at the rear. I did a quick search on the net, and it popped right up with a picture of the insect. (red Shoulder bug)
    Thank you,


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