Mating Red Shouldered Bugs

Subject: Identification of beetle
Location: Glendale, CA
October 29, 2013 8:34 pm
I am a Biology professor at Glendale College in California, and one of my students sent me this nice photo of beetles mating. I’ve tried to identify them but can’t find anything that looks right. Thanks for your help. I believe the photograph was taken on our campus in Glendale, CA this week (October 2013).
Maria Kretzmann
Signature: Maria Kretzmann

Mating Red Shouldered Bugs
Mating Red Shouldered Bugs

Hi Maria,
These are not beetles.  They are mating Red Shouldered Bugs,
Jadera haematoloma, and they are in the Scentless Plant Bug family Rhopalidae.  See BugGuide for additional information.

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