Red-footed canibalfly(?) and bug love
Location: Kirksville, MOAugust 18, 2011 6:50 pmI’ve been seeing a large number of these robber flies around the area for the past month or so, now. Their size is very impressive. I had been wondering what kind they were, exactly, so I was very happy to see so many photos of the red-footed cannibalfly on your site. That’s what it appears to be, at least! Some of them buzzed so close that I feared they were horse flies (which have also been very thick, lately). I felt a little silly (and relieved!)when I realized that the giant insect that had landed on my shirt while I was hiking was just a robber fly. I spotted a number of them along the trail that were mating, as well and I had to snap a few photos because robber flies are some of my favorites – their little muttonchops are just so charming!
Signature: EB

Red Footed Cannibalfly eating small insect

Dear EB,
We love your stunning photographs of Red Footed Cannibalflies eating and mating.  We hope you don’t mind that we cropped and rotated them to fit our format.

Mating Red Footed Cannibalflies

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Location: Missouri

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