Mating Prometheus Moths

Canoodling Saturniids
Location:  Western Pennsylvania (Slippery Rock)
August 27, 2010 9:26 pm
Hi, Daniel,
I am attaching two pictures of mating Saturniid moths, but I could not tell if they were Promethea Moths or Tulip Tree Silk Moths. You’ll notice from the file names that I first misidentified them as Io moths. About six weeks ago, these two were found on the screen over our mud room window, and there they stayed for many hours – literally most of the day. When night fell, they were gone. These are such elegant creatures.
Glenn Marsch

Mating Prometheus Moths

Hi Glenn,
These mating Prometheus Moths are truly lovely.  The moth closer to the camera is the dark male, and we suspect he looks larger because of the use of a wide angle lens which is distorting the perspective since the female is generally the larger of the sexes.

Wow, that was quick, and I am impressed.  Thanks for the ID.  Now I can go to my Flickr site & update the caption.
Best Regards,

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