Mating Promethea Moths and other Giant Silkmoths

Subject: Promethea moth mating
Location: St Paul MN
May 28, 2015 4:37 pm
Hi, here’s a pic of a pair of Promethea moths mating in a silver maple tree. The sexual dimorphism is easy to see. This is in St Paul MN. The female is one I raised from caterpillar last year; the male is wild, as far as I know.
Also here’s a neat shot of a cecropia and a luna on our porch. Not great quality but neat to see them together.
Signature: mike

Mating Promethea Moths
Mating Promethea Moths

Dear Mike,
You have provided us with such a marvelous posting.  It must have been thrilling to witness the mating of the Promethea Moth you raised.  Your location seems to be ground zero for Giant Silkmoths.

Luna Moth and Cecropia Moth
Luna Moth and Cecropia Moth

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