Mating Wasps
Location: Royal Oak, Michigan
July 25, 2011 6:19 pm
Dear Bugman,
Over the past couple of weeks (beginning mid-July) this guy has been seen flying around the yard and never let me approach closely enough for a photo. Until he became preoccupied… It becomes startled easily, but sits for long periods of time on the mulch in my garden, rarely landing on the plants. It’s about 1.5” long. It resembles some of the spider wasps or wood wasps, but I was a little overwhelmed trying to identify it myself. Thanks!
Signature: DaleShannon

Mating Mydas Flies

Hi Dale,
These mating Mydas Flies,
Mydas clavatus, are excellent wasp mimics.  You may read more about them on bugguide, where it is indicated:  “Mating system in this species unknown. Different Mydas species apparently have different mating systems, including resource-defense polygyny and ‘hilltopping’.”  BugGuide does have at least one image of a mating pair.

Mydas Fly

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Location: Michigan

2 Responses to Mating Mydas Flies

  1. DaleShannon says:

    Well, they definately had me fooled! I was sure this was a type of spider wasp. The courtship was intense as well – they began chasing each other around, flying in circles and clinging to each other. I thought it was a territorial battle, and sounded like a small scale WWII dog fight! Thanks again.

    • bugman says:

      Thanks so much for your first hand observations of the mating habits, which according to bugguide, are not well documented.

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