Subject: mating muskmares
Location: Jacksonville, FL
September 17, 2014 11:39 am
Hi again! I noticed you haven’t had any muskmares on your site for over a year, so I thought I’d send a pic of this happy couple to you. I found them on a chain link fence last week at a dog park here in Jacksonville, FL. The female sprayed me repeatedly until she realized I wasn’t going to hurt them the spray seemed to come from the thorax under a lot of pressure; I could hear the hissing over the sounds of the breeze and the dogs! It looked like 2 sprays from a mist bottle set on “fine” and travelled about a foot from her. Smelled like rotting wood and vinegar. Also, a few feet away from them I found this excellent Eastern lubber.
Signature: Mike

Mating Muskmares

Mating Muskmares

Dear Mike,
Thanks so much for making our Muskmare postings more current.  Your observations on the “spraying” defense of the individuals you encountered is very valuable, and though you did not experience any harm, we caution our readers against careless handling of Muskmares as the noxious gas they expel is reported to be caustic if it lands in the eyes.  We will post your Lubber image in a distinct posting.  Can you provide any additional information on the Lubber?

I found a very good description of the muskmare defense and it’s effects on the eye on this website that you may want to share with your readers
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Location: Jacksonville, Florida

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