Mating Monarch Butterflies

mating monarchs
I am SOOO happy to have found your site…I have seen craneflies my whole (long) life and didn’t know what they were….until today, thanks to your site…I recieved my first digital camera abt. a year ago, and haven’t put it down since…what fun!! The mating monarchs were quite high in the tree and these were the best photos I could get…she would keep her wings folded up like the males and then would open them out flat occasionally…what a beautiful site they made…thought I would share this with everyone on your “Bug Love” page…I noticed you haven’t had any recent posts tho’, so maybe you aren’t posting there anymore…anyway, here they are…hope you can use them….thanks for such a wonderful and informative website!
Pat, Hawk Point, MO

Hi Pat,
We have five bug love pages, and we have posted very recently to the fifth page. You must have looked on an older page. You will find your image of mating Monarch Butterflies on our most recent bug love page as well as our most recent butterfly page.

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