Mating March Flies

Higher evolution?
Sun, May 31, 2009 at 1:57 PM
Hi Lisa Anne and Daniel, twice I have found mating March Flies (?) with the head of one being miniscule in comparasion to the other. Could they be as their human counterparts in that the male’s thinking has been usurped by another body part? Perhaps this then is our future.
Just curious,
near Casper, WY

March Flies (male on left) Mating
March Flies (male on left) Mating

Hi again Dwaine,
While your evolutionary comment is highly amusing, the flaw in the logic is that the male March Fly has the larger eyes, and larger head.  We are not certain what species your March Flies in the family Bibionidae represent.  Lovebugs in the genus Plecia are a group of March Flies with considerable notoriety.

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