Mating Mantids and Mating Robber Flies

Bug Love submissions
I ran across your site as I was attempting to identify a fierce looking flying insect that I hadn’t seen before. Thanks to your site, I’ve identified him, and his 10,000 friends as “Robber Flies”. As I was taking a picture to submit, a couple of the rascals saw the camera and thought they would try out for “Bug Love”. I thought it was a little unusual, because all the other pictures I’ve seen of them mating was tail-to-tail, unlike these two exhibitionists. I’ve also included a shot I took last year of a couple of Mantids. I had about 3 of them which I kept as “free range” pets. I guess they liked it here, because they stayed all season. Enjoy!
Jeff King
Krum, TX

Hi Jeff,
What wonderful images you have provided for our readers.

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