Mating Leaf Footed Bugs

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Location:  Simi Valley, California
May 13, 2013
My friend found these guys getting sexy in his back yard. Any ideas on what they may be?

Mating Leaf Footed Bugs
Mating Leaf Footed Bugs

Hi Becky,
Since your question came to Daniel’s personal email address and not through the official WTB? website, you did not have to fill out a form which contains a location.  We suspect since you live in Los Angeles and since there are ripe oranges in the photo, your friend took this photo in Los Angeles, though we have become such a global community through the internet so we do not want to make assumptions.  Please provide us with a location.  These are mating Leaf Footed Bugs, and since there are two yellowish spots visible on the pronotum, we are confident this is
Leptoglossus zonatus, a common Southern California species.  See BugGuide for additional information.

It was taken in Simi Valley.

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