Mating Immigrant Leaf Weevils
Location: Hornepayne, Ontario, Canada
June 25, 2011 2:49 pm
I thought I’d send you a couple of pictures of mating immigrant leaf weevils. I found them walking along my clothesline today. They were super active, it was hard to get a good picture. As you can see, there is some sexual dimorphism, as well as a slight colour difference between the two. In the second picture, the weevils walked onto my camera lens, and though the picture is fuzzy, you can still see how the male grips the female with his feet.
Signature: HQ

Mating Immigrant Leaf Weevils

Hi HQ,
We are thrilled to be able to post you images of this invasive exotic species perpetuating in its new land.  The BugGuide information page on the Green Immigrant Leaf Weevil is quite informative.

Mating Immigrant Leaf Weevil

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Location: Canada

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