Mating Gulf Fritillaries

Mating Gulf Fritillaries
Location: South Pasadena, CA
November 21, 2011 10:59 pm
While you have several really beautiful photos of these butterflies mating,I didn’t see any in this position. I found these on my pumpkin vine last weekend.
Signature: Barbara

Gulf Fritillaries Mating

Hi Barbara,
Thanks so much for sending us your marvelous photo of mating Gulf Fritillaries.  How is your Green Lynx Spider population this year?

I haven’t seen too many full grown green lynx spiders.  Here’s a seven-legged individual I’ve seen a few times.

Male Green Lynx Amputee

Thanks Barbara,
We wonder what caused this male Green Lynx, whose sex is evidenced by his well developed pedipalps, to lose his rear leg.

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