Mating Green Darners

Dragonflies (Anax junius)
Location: Florida
November 20, 2011 6:00 pm
We’ve had lots of these Common Green Darners (Anax Junius) in our yard this summer and fall. Today I saw two pairs of Green Darners mating, flying in the tandem position. Both pairs would periodically land on the ground, and the female would immediately push the end segment of her abdomen down to the ground. I know dragonflies lay their eggs in water, so she was not laying eggs though it might have looked that way. I’m very curious about her behavior–do you know what she was doing?
Thanks again for this great site!
Signature: Karen in FL

Green Darners Mating

Hi Karen,
Thanks so much for sending us your excellent images of Green Darners mating to include in our archive.  We do not know what the activity you describe means.  You are correct that Dragonflies lay eggs in water, not on the ground.  Perhaps someone with knowledge of this behavior will write in with an explanation.

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