Mating Grasshoppers from Tanzania: Pyrgomorphella albini

Subject: Grasshopper
Location: Serengeti, Tanzania
September 28, 2016 12:27 pm
Hi. I am glad I found your page while searching for African grasshoppers. I took the picture of the two grasshoppers last December in Tanzania/Serengeti ad I’d love to know the name of this species. Can you help me?
Signature: Sabine

Mating Grasshoppers
Mating Grasshoppers: Pyrgomorphella albini

Dear Sabine,
We spent a little time attempting unsuccessfully to identify your mating Grasshoppers, and because we want to make a few more postings this morning, we are going to post your image as Unidentified and try to get back to it later.  Maybe one of our readers will have more success than we have had.  We suspect these interesting Grasshoppers may be in the family Pyrgomorphidae.

Dear Daniel,
based on your information I kept on searching and found somebody who finally could identify the mating grasshoppers from Serengeti.
So I wanted to give you some feedback and send you the link to the page with detailed information:
By the way, I have ordered your book The curious world of bugs and like it very much.
Kind regards from Marburg, Germany
Sabine Peiseler

Dear Sabine,
Thanks so much for getting back to us with an identification of 
Pyrgomorphella albini from Orthoptera Species File.  We are happy to hear you are enjoying the book.

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  1. Thank you very much for your efforts. It has always been my dream to find a bug that has not yet been discovered 😉 Well, maybe one of your readers has seen these grasshoppers before.


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