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Location: Newton, New Jersey, flower field
September 3, 2011 1:33 pm
These are thick on the flowers right now, and I am not sure if they are some sort of bee/wasp or a beetle? They seem very benign and didn’t mind in the least that I had my camera lens poking them in the face. They seem to be covered in pollen.
Signature: Debbi in New Jersey

Mating Goldenrod Soldier Beetles

Hi Debbi,
Beginning with the end of summer, sightings of Goldenrod Soldier Beetles or Pennsylvania Leatherwings become quite common.  Adults are commonly found on blossoms with a high pollen content, including goldenrod.  Goldenrod Soldier Beetles very effectively mimic stinging wasps, but they are harmless themselves.

Goldenrod Soldier Beetle

Thanks!  Your website is the best!  Have a great weekend.

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Location: New Jersey

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  1. Linda Wientjes says:

    I have beetles like these Golden rod invading my swimming pool here in South Texas. Could these be a Longhorn beetle. They see, to be harmless.

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