Mating Eastern Carpenter Bees

Subject: Bee lovin’!!
Location: Philadelphia, PA
April 23, 2014 4:21 pm
Dearest bugman,
Please accept this photo my friend took of two bees getting intimate on another friend’s shoulder. I think it was too sweet she allowed them to use her shoulder as a love nest.
I feel embarrassed as I do not know what kind of bees these are. Perhaps carpenter bees?
Happy Spring!
Signature: Julianna from VT

Mating Eastern Carpenter Bees
Mating Eastern Carpenter Bees

Dear Julianna,
We are positively blushing at your superlative greeting of endearment.  We find your photo quite amusing, and an interesting counterpoint to an image we posted early this morning of a male Eastern Carpenter Bee being mounted by an unknown and considerably smaller Bee

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