Mating Crane Flies

Subject: what kind of bug is this
Location: manchester,connecticut
May 22, 2013 6:45 am
This was found at 9am in Connecticut. It had rained pretty hard with thunder and lightning the night before. I legt to bring the kids to school and daycare. Which took about 30 minutes and it was in the same position when I got back.
Signature: norm delaura

Crane Flies Mating
Crane Flies Mating

Hi Norm,
These are mating Crane Flies in the infraorder Tipulomorpha which can be browsed on BugGuide if you want to try to determine the species.  Because of their long legs, Crane Flies were named after the long legged wading birds called cranes.  Crane Flies are mistakenly called Mosquito Hunters in some parts of the country.  Most Crane Flies do not eat as adults and they do not bite humans.  We will contact Dr. Chen Young who runs the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website to see if he is able to provide a species identification.

Dr. Chen Young responds:
A mating pair of Tipula trivittata.

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