Mating Crane Flies

Mating Crane Flies
April 13, 2010
Hi, WTB,
Congratulations on the progress of your book.  Looking forward to it.
If you think that Crane Flies are ridiculously poor flyers at best, you should see them trying to aviate as a pair while locked in the embrace of bug love.  Southern Arizona, attracted to a light in a community at the edge of the Sonoran Desert; about 2,900′.  Mid-April.

Crane Flies Mating

Hi Denny,
In our opinion, you are being a tad harsh regarding the aerodynamic capabilities of Crane Flies.  They are gangling and awkward, but they are not really seriously impacted by the fact that they will never win an air race.  Your photo is lovely and your confidential comment about our hot button topic is appreciated.

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