Mating Common Checkered Skippers

What is this butterflies called
Location: Austin, Texas
January 24, 2012 9:54 am
I have taken a picture of two butterflies and will like to know what kind are they, and if they are mating or are co-joined together. thank you for your help
Signature: Mauricio Alvarez

Checkered Skippers Mating

Dear Mauricio,
These Common Checkered Skippers, Pyrgus communis, which we believe we correctly identified on BugGuide, are in fact mating.
  BugGuide indicates:  “Larvae feed on mallows (Malvaceae), including Althea, Abutilon, Malva.  Adults take nectar.”  Thanks for sending these great photos, and we are especially happy that you show both the upper and under views of the wings.

Mating Common Checkered Skippers

Thank you very much for your help. Feel free to use those pictures in your website.

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