Mating Cecropia Moths

Subject: Cecropia moths mating?
Location: SW Ontario
July 1, 2013 10:49 am
We found these 2 moths mating on the gate post to our pool. We think the fat one is the female as she has smaller feathered antennae. They have been there since yesterday having a little alone time until we decided to take photos of them (moth porn? LOL)
The close up photo of the female looks like she is smiling. (lucky girl)
Signature: Kristyn

Mating Cecropia Moths
Mating Cecropia Moths

Hi Kristyn,
We never tire of photos of procreating insects and other bugs.  These mating Cecropia Moths make a lovely couple.  We hope she gets to lay her eggs so that you will be treated to future generations of Cecropia Moths.

Female Cecropia Moth:  In flagrante delecto
Female Cecropia Moth: In flagrante delicto

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  1. Friends and I have been watching a strange coccoon all winter. Today a beautiful, very large month came from the coccoon. We took several pictures and investigated what type of moth it was. Our pictures match in everyway to a moth called Cecropia.
    We are located in the south western mountains of North Carolina at Brevard. Elevation 3,500 ft. apprx.
    Never seen a moth like this before. is this out of range for these type of moths? Thank you.


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