Mating Cactus Longhorns

February 18, 2010
I tried to send a photo for your Bug Love page, but it failed to upload. Can you accept regular email with attachments?
Eric Eaton suggested that I submit some photos to you (and another site) several months ago, but I’m just now trying that.
Denny Schreffler

Hi Denny,
Responding to this email should allow you to attach images.  Please include all the information that is required on our form, like the location, and some information about the insect.  Also, please confine your images to one species per email.

February 21, 2010
Thanks, Daniel,
I “replied” by sending the photo through an different email program a few days ago, so I’m not sure that you received it.  Here’s a direct reply with an attachment.
Thought that you might appreciate a pair of Cactus Longhorn Beetles (Moneilema gigas) for your Bug Love page.
Northern Sonoran Desert (southern Arizona), late August during a light rain.
Denny Schreffler

Mating Cactus Longhorns

Hi Denny,
We don’t understand why you had problems originally, and we never received your response through your alternate email program.  We are going to contact our web master, who is currently driving across country on holiday, to see if he has a solution to your previous problems.  Having received this attached photo, we are positively thrilled that you submitted a totally awesome image of mating Cactus Longhorns, Moneilema gigas.  The camera angle is perfect and the quality and resolution are excellent.  According to BugGuide, members of this genus “feed on cactus, esp. cholla, Opuntia species.”

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