Subject: Mating Geolycosa
Location: Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico
September 5, 2012 7:57 pm
About a month ago, I’d sent in a number of photos of some of the local arthropods I’d encountered during my regular evening strolls around my location. Among them was a photo of a particularly large female Geolycosa specimen, which was featured in your response. I’ve been seeing quite a few more of these spiders around lately, even outside of their burrows (I’m including a photograph of an impressive male I’d found outside my office);

Male Burrowing Wolf Spider

additionally, this morning I was out checking on some plants when I decided to check on that very same aforementioned spider. At first, I thought what I was seeing was her full body outside the hole; while this is indeed part of what I was seeing, it took me a moment to notice the similarly-sized male on top of her. At first I was afraid she’d been attacked, but then I recalled something I’d seen before. I’d never witnessed this before myself, but I believe they were in the middle of mating! Ind eed, later the female was by herself in her usual position, more than healthy. I get the feeling we’re going to be seeing an awful lot of little ones.
Signature: Grady

Mating Burrowing Wolf Spiders

Dear Grady,
Thank you for following up on your previous posting.  The mating Burrowing Wolf Spiders must have been fascinating to observe.

Mating Burrowing Wolf Spiders


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Location: New Mexico

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  1. Jimmy Wu says:

    The individuals here look more like Hogna carolinensis rather than Geolycosa. You can tell by the dark ventral along with the dome of the cephalothorax.

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