Mating Buckmoths: Splendor in the Grass

hemileuca buckmoths?
Scanned your pix to try to ID this mating pair I spotted tangled in the grass at Shohola Lake in northeast PA. Thought you might like the picture — never saw these before. Your site is a national treasure!
Paula K.

Hi Paula,
Your letter cheered us tremendously after a long hard day at work. Not only is your photo of mating Buckmoths quite spectacular, calling our site a National Treasure is one of the nicest compliments we have ever received.

Hello Daniel,
Spreading knowledge and furthering us layfolks’ appreciation of the natural world is truly good work. After years of finding such interesting critters in the field, I can take a creaky digipix, send it to you, and have a whole new corner of the world opened up to me. Who would figure such cute little furry moths came from venomous spiky caterpillers? It’s most helpful knowledge too, should we ever encounter the caterpiller! Thanks again,
Paula K.

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